Miso Soupool will quit its operation. Please cash out your remaining balance before Nov. 17 (Sat.) (JST)
See the site news for more details and detailed schedules. Thank you for using Miso Soupool!


資産保護のため、一時的にBitZenyの払い出しを停止しています。Walletをz2.0.2にアップデートし次第払い出しを再開します。(11月5日(月) 中予定) 正規チェーンへの同期に時間がかかっており遅れています。しばらくお待ちください。
Temporally disabled BitZeny cash out. We will resume it after we upgrade the wallet to z2.0.2 (Planned within Nov.5 (Mon.)) Delayed due to the operation to sync onto the valid chain. Please wait for a while.

Resumed BitZeny cashing out. Will paid on the valid (i.e., z2.0.2) chain. Although there are several cash out transaction on the invalid chain, we will send the same amount manually later.

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